A Grand Plan – Part 1 (The Decision)

I sat cross-legged on the filthy floor of a furniture-free office, head cocked upwards to view the computer monitor which rested on a box that once packaged a Betamax video and I decided to write a blog containing short stories of exactly fifty words. Unfortunately this first one went slightly wrong.

2 thoughts on “A Grand Plan – Part 1 (The Decision)

  1. Thank you from across the Atlantic, the land that your ancestors decided was good enough for my ancestors to live in after they had a squabble about who should be king. We lost, then tossed about in a boat, landing in Maryland where everyone just stayed until I moved away.

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  2. Reblogged this on Yankee Skeptic and commented:
    This is incredible fun. I think everyone should give it a try, the parameters make it a unchallenging challenge. I accidentally did exactly fifty words on my reply to the post. From now on I will have to carefully count, as should you. Reply with your story if you dare!

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