A Grand Plan – Part 7 (Abrupt)

I’m starting to realise how small a number ‘fifty’ really is. No sooner have I got into my stride, than I have to pull to an abrupt end. Using flowery adjectives is difficult because they’re expendable. See I’ve already reached forty-one and we’re just getting acquainted. I’ll call you?

A Grand Plan – Part 4 (Saddle)

So, I’m creating an alternative to the traditional cracker joke, am I? Is this what I was schooled for? Picking double-barreled words because they count as one. Well, I’m quitting.

Until a strange dream about a short story convention and autographing naked flesh gets me back in the saddle again.

A Grand Plan – Part 3 (Mistake)

Ok, so I’ve pulled myself together and decided it’s the biggest mistake of my life, a total waste of brain, an unironic parody of nothing at all. Who will read short snatches of fifty when the sun’s out or there’s reality TV to discuss?………………………Unless they’re used in Christmas crackers!!!!