The Hill

Jack and Jill divorced, blaming each other for the accident. No counsellor could persuade them otherwise. Jill remarried (unsuccessfully) and Jack died alone, thick-bearded, following trauma induced schizophrenic episodes that made the local papers. Jill had him interred at the top of the hill, and vowed never to fall again.

The Binding Of Isaac

He pinned Isaac to the cold floor, restraining him with wax-coated ropes, the boy’s mouth gagged with an old t-shirt to stop the screaming. He raised his sharpened peeling knife and prayed he’d forget that look in his boy’s horrified eyes.  But God didn’t stop him – and he never forgot.


Words terrify me. Their power and immediacy. Will you marry me? Changing everything. Just an articulation of speech. I do. Words transforming worlds. Like a head on collision. It’s a girl. Easier than falling from a great height. I don’t love you anymore.

So, I just say nothing these days.

How I Was

I was born the son of a circus owner. Dwarves, clowns and tamed bears were my childhood playfellows. A mute giant taught me to juggle fireballs. Tallulah the fortune-teller siphoned away my innocence. Then the ring-master thrashed me with the lion whip and I ran away. Now I’m an accountant.

The Reconciliation

It had been nine years. He never expected to see Billy again.

He passes prison security and waits. Billy appears. Worn, altered. Older.

Silence. Then: “Thanks for seeing me. Before…too late.”

Hesitation. Then: “Thank you for putting me here, Dad. I understand. Finally.”

They embrace for the last time.