The Scar

I didn’t ask about the scar at first. She was clearly self-conscious. Didn’t mention it at all as we grew closer and intimate.

One night, post-coital, I stroked it gently.

“Battle scar,” she said breaking ‘the silence’.

“What battle?” I asked.

“Love is a war.”

She curled into my arms.


They called him ‘Albatross’ because he brought bad luck. “You’re  a stately sea-bird,” they lied. He didn’t know any better. One weekend, traveling to a match, the team bus crashed into a ravine. Albatross was the only survivor.  As they pulled him from the wreckage, nobody noticed his chilling smile.

Buster’s Last Stand

– He’s dying. We should…

– No. Leave him.

– It’s horrible.

– It happens. You can plan for it but….

– I’ve never seen him so vulnerable, so pale.

– He wants to run but he can’t. It’s a mauling.

– I can’t look. Let’s go. Please, let’s just go.

– Well, that’s stand-up baby, that’s stand-up.


I had no plans. Just knew I had to get out. Told the boys I knew a way.

Cornered in F-Wing, guards closing in, we were only three doors from freedom. East or West? A maze of corridors. I was clever but had made one mistake. I had no plans.


Only after I saved his life did I recognise the famous movie actor. Would have drowned without me. Bloke didn’t know how to thank me.  Bought me watches, cars, a live-in chef. Rings me every fucking day, weeping. Flies over for friggin’ hugs.

So,  I’ve taken a restraining order out.


Words terrify me. Their power and immediacy. Will you marry me? Changing everything. Just an articulation of speech. I do. Words transforming worlds. Like a head on collision. It’s a girl. Easier than falling from a great height. I don’t love you anymore.

So, I just say nothing these days.

Hollywood’s New Sweetheart

We grew up together, bestest friends. Studied dance and drama. Then she became famous. I didn’t. Very famous. But not me. I considered murdering her. For fame of course. Bad idea. She’s Hollywood’s new sweetheart. I’m Jim’s new shag pal. But is she happy? Well, I am. I am.