I had no plans. Just knew I had to get out. Told the boys I knew a way.

Cornered in F-Wing, guards closing in, we were only three doors from freedom. East or West? A maze of corridors. I was clever but had made one mistake. I had no plans.

The Prisoner

When they finally caught him, he was put away for thirty years. He grafted, networked, played the system and towards the end he was running the damn place. When he was released, at sixty-five, no one came to meet him. No fanfare; no future.

He would kill to get back.

The Reconciliation

It had been nine years. He never expected to see Billy again.

He passes prison security and waits. Billy appears. Worn, altered. Older.

Silence. Then: “Thanks for seeing me. Before…too late.”

Hesitation. Then: “Thank you for putting me here, Dad. I understand. Finally.”

They embrace for the last time.