Ever I Saw Your Face

The last time I ever saw her, she was wrapped in a torn leather jacket, shivering as the ambulance took her. I didn’t know it was the last time.

They dredged our crumpled Dodge from the dark riverbed and found my powder white body inside.

I hope she loves again.

The Caller

The doorbell rang at 4.38am. The innocuous “ding-dong” took on a menacing timbre. I was instantly afraid. Nothing good rings at 4.38am.

It rang again. Slowly approaching the door, I made out the dark figure of a man behind the glass. It’s 5.47am now. He’s still there.

I’ll never leave.

The Mystery at Tann Hill

A curse befell the town. Children started disappearing. The town panicked. Was the haggard woman on the hill a witch? The mayor led the townsfolk to her shack and hammered the door down. She was already dead. Bludgeoned by the small fists of a hundred children who were never found.

Funny Strange

We stayed in a haunted house. Held hands and couldnt let go. Flinched at noises, winced and huddled under covers. Finally a ghost appeared, we screamed, he apologized for frightening us and as a goodwill gesture spent an hour doing a stand up comedy routine about being dead and Thatcher.